Sustainability as a goal

ModulAir came into existence as a result of customers’ needs, as well as consumer demand for sustainable products. The ideal combination of sustainability, an optimal cultivation environment, food safety and use of the latest techniques is summarised in the ModulAir concept.

The name ModulAir says it all: a total solution which can be developed in several steps to form the ideal project for every circumstance and every climate.

A number of important advantages of the ModulAir:

  • Modular design, which allows the ideal solution to be reached step-by-step;
  • Greenhouse air reuse, which greatly reduces energy consumption;
  • Greenhouse air reuse, which leads to higher CO2 values in the greenhouse, which in turn leads to higher production;
  • The creation of pressure in the greenhouse achieves a very homogeneous environment;
  • The application of insect netting greatly reduces insect pressure and risk of pests and diseases;
  • Almost complete exclusion of the use of pesticides.