Demolition, 2nd hand greenhouses and damage

Partners with Olsthoorn bv

Demolition is a skill and one that Olsthoorn understands, which is why HortiNed collaborates with Olsthoorn bv for the demolition of greenhouses. Olsthoorn is a recognised VCA, SVMS007 and ISO9001 certified company with over 40 years of experience. Demolished greenhouses are stored in whole or in part and reused later.

If necessary and following a final and thorough quality inspection, the materials are put in storage, for which purpose Olsthoorn possesses a storage area of over 2ha where even small materials such as rods, ridge connectors etc. are stored. As such, Olsthoorn has parts of all cover types in stock. All of these materials can be used to repair existing greenhouses, and construct fully 2nd hand greenhouses.

With a few dozen people in the field for the demolition, construction and repair of damaged greenhouses, Olsthoorn is also an important party for HortiNed in the event of damage. When a customer suffers damage as a result of e.g. storms, hail or fire, HortiNed can act quickly and professionally thanks to its partnership with Olsthoorn.

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