Part of the whole

With developments such as ‘new cultivation’, fully automated internal transport systems and the growing demand for (semi-)closed greenhouses with complex heating and cooling systems, the greenhouse has taken on more of a serving role in recent years.

This does not mean that the greenhouse has become less important, however. Indeed, it is increasingly important to design the perfect greenhouse in order to enable the correct integration and installation of other systems. This requires knowledge, experience and insight.

In recent decades, we have gained a lot of experience in the correct design, customisation and integration of all the components within a project. In addition to this experience, HortiNed has strong business partners.

For example, HortiNed has contacts with several internationally active greenhouse builders. One of these parties is Van der Hoeven greenhouse construction in Den Hoorn and with them, HortiNed has established a solid partnership for the French market.

Partly because of these partnerships, HortiNed can offer an appropriate solution for any project, anywhere in the world.