Internal transport, gutter growing systems and other

HortiNed is also an expert in other installations. In addition to “regular” things like greenhouses and heating, these days we also install things such as gutter growing systems and/or internal transport systems for many companies.

The benefits of gutter growing systems have long been known and a more hygienic cultivation, convenience during crop rotation, recycling of irrigation water and better ergonomics during various crop activities are just some of the benefits of a gutter growing system. HortiNed has already been able to install similar systems in many projects.

Another increasingly important component in modern greenhouses is internal transport. With the increased height of greenhouses nowadays, crop maintenance must more often be performed from electric cars.

In addition, projects are getting bigger and they include more and longer harvest paths. This is making automated harvesting trolleys an increasingly interesting option for companies. Frequently, we are seeing fully or semi-automated systems which are controlled on the concrete path by means of an induction process. In addition to the increased efficiency that stands to be gained by way of these automated systems, their ergonomic aspects are of course also positive.

It goes without saying that we also work with reputable companies here.